2020 Ring Masters Championships
The Road to the Garden

For the third consecutive year, City Limits is proud to be a media sponsor of this major amateur tournament.

For more information, please visit USA Boxing Metro.

Update, March 12:

USA Boxing Announces All Sanctioned Events Suspended Until March 31st

In light of recent developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and after extensive consultation with the USOPC (United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee), medical experts, legal counsel and Board of Directors President Chair, Tyson Lee, USA Boxing is suspending all sanctioned events through March 31st.  This is a very difficult decision given we are in the midst of Golden Gloves tournaments and entering the qualification timeframe for the 2020 Junior Olympics; however USA Boxing’s greatest concern is for the health and safety of all boxers, coaches, officials and physicians.

 USA Boxing will review as circumstances evolve and more information becomes available and provide an update to membership by the end of March.

Schedule of Bouts

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Thursday 2/6/20
Amazura-NYC Event Space

Saturday 2/8/20
Gleason’s Gym

Thursday 2/13/20
New York Athletic Club

Friday 2/14/20
Work Train Fight

Saturday 2/15/20
Main Street Boxing

Sunday 2/16/20
John’s Gym

Friday 2/21/20
Church Street Boxing

Friday 2/28/20
International Boxing & Fitness

Saturday 2/29/20
St. Anslems

Friday 3/6/20
Holy Cross

Saturday 3/7/20
Newbreed Boxing
The Mev
360 Route 211 E, Middletown
11 a.m. Weigh-in
1 p.m. Show time

Saturday 3/14/20
Freeport Recreation Center
Freeport PAL
130 E. Merrick Rd., Freeport
3 p.m. Weigh-in
6 p.m. Show time

Thursday 3/19/20
New York Athletic Club
180 Central Park South, Manhattan
5 p.m. Weigh-in
7:30 p.m. Show time

Friday 3/20/20
586 Bay Street, Staten Island
5 p.m. Weigh-in
7:30 p.m. Show time

Saturday 3/21/20
Floyd Patterson Boxing
Mid-Hudson Civic Center Inc.
14 Civic Center Plaza, Poughkeepsie
4 p.m. Weigh-in
7 p.m. Show time

Friday 3/27/20
Electric Industry Center
158-11 Harry Van Arsdale, Flushing
5 p.m. Weigh-in
7:30 p.m. Show time

Saturday 3/28/20
Suffolk PAL
99 3rd Ave., Brentwood
3 p.m. Weigh-in
6 p.m. Show time

Friday 4/3/20
Classic Car Club Manhattan
1 Pier 76
408 12th Ave., Manhattan
5 p.m. Weigh-in
7:30 p.m. Show time

Saturday 4/4/20
Yonkers PAL
127 N. Broadway, Yonkers
3 p.m. Weigh-in
6 p.m. Show time

Sunday 4/5/20
Yonkers PAL
127 N. Broadway, Yonkers
2 p.m. Weigh-in
4 p.m. Show time

Finals – Seniors

Friday 4/10/20
Madison Square Garden Hulu Theater
6 p.m. Show time





119-pound Novice (women) * 123-pound Novice (men) * 123-pound Open (men) * 132-pound Novice (men) * 132-pound Open (men) * 141-pound Novice (men) * 141-pound Open (men) * 152-pound Novice (men) * 152-pound Open (men) * 165-pound Novice (men) * 165-pound Open (men) * 178-pound Novice (men) * 178-pound Open (men) * 201-pound Novice (men) * 201+-pound Novice (men) * 201+-pound Open (men)



February 6: Amazura-NYC Event Space

123-pound Novice (men)

Jetter Soriano defeated Nicholas Alexander

Nicholas Compono defeated Desean McCain

Marcos Gonzalez defeated Gelasio Velez

132-pound Novice (men)

Corey Jamison defeated Steven Perez

Egor Astakhov defeated Dennis Guerrero

David Reyes defeated Kayshawn Boyd Perkins

141-pound Novice (men)

Joshua Rivera defeated Mikhael Moore

Tyjohn Mathis defeated Charlie Bonilla

Mark Buttafuoco defeated Samandar Yahyaev

Orlando Garcia defeated Ruben Rivera

Kerry Duperval defeated Jordan Paulino

Christian Ocasio defeated Bryceton Perdomo

Cameron Harris defeated Jiad Alkoutayni


February 8: Gleason’s Gym

152-pound Novice (men)

Matthew Delucia defeated Angel Sojourner

Jonah Holderer defeated Montel Bryant

Jose Calderon defeated Jon Gonzalez

Alberto Morgado defeated Harry Fotiou

165-pound Novice (men)

Anthony Abraham defeated Narciso Rivas

Ryan Laurencin defeated Ephraim Mondesir

Volodymyr Teplov defeated Fernando Cruz

Joseph Kennedy defeated Nihad Demiri

Peter Latorre defeated Daquan Booker

Han Lee defeated Kevin Gil

Victor Candelario defeated Davaughn Moorer

Jeminie Ramirez defeated Julian Drabik


February 13: New York Athletic Club

178-pound Novice (men)

Jesus Ramirez Velazquez defeated Patrick Rock

Dimitrige Petrovic defeated Charles McNulty

Paul Bamba defeated Erlin Bramellari

Sergio Ministro defeated Jesse Torres

201-pound Novice (men)

Mathew Pagan defeated Juan Perez

Aaron Curry defeated Colm McGread

Jabari Baxter defeated Adam James

Abraham Muhammed defeated Ronnie Love

* * *

February 14: Work Train Fight

123-pound Open (men)

Tax Brawerd defeated Teon Thorne

Bryan Cardoso defeated Frankie Garcia

John Leonardo defeated Lawrence Bautista

Hayotjon Aslonov defeated Alan Teemer

132-pound Open (men)

Harley Mederos defeated Yasin Subhanallah

Ronny Reyes defeated Kelvin Reynoso

Marlon Espinosa defeated Jahron Williams

Iman Lee defeated Malique Allen

* * *

February 15: Main Street Boxing

132-pound Novice (men)

Corey Jamison defeated Antonio Herreros

Kevin Laureano defeated Jacinto Hernandez

Kidane Bennett defeated Christopher Shei

Koby Williams defeated Orlando Ortega

John Quinones defeated Christian Valdez

Alex Velasco defeated Lorenzo Madera

201+-pound Novice (men)

Kevin Waterton defeated Jorge Claros

Israel Gomez defeated Jack Russell

Abraham Dickey defeated Joshua Aldridge

Malcolm Manns defeated Mwalimu Sabree

* * *

February 16: John’s Gym

141-pound Open (men)

Elvis Cardenas defeated Jose Davila

Ryan Lopez defeated Mirzoikrom Aripov

Raekwon Butler defeated Khamall Dunkley

141-pound Novice (men)

Joshua Rivera defeated Javier Velasquez

Christopher Deleon defeated Leonardo Herrera

Tyjohn Mathis defeated Marland Bryan

Mark Buttafuoco defeated Samandar Yahyaev

Orlando Garcia defeated Michael Gear

Kerry Duperval defeated Olumar Sow

Christian Ocasio defeated Mugeen Abdullah

Rafael Castillo defeated Cameron Harris


February 21: Church Street Boxing

152-pound Novice (Men)

Matthew Delucia defeated Danzel Huins

Troy Owens Jr. defeated Felipe Arriagada

Paul Kielmanowicz defeated Jonah Holderer

Kealim O’Hare defeated Michael James

Jose Calderon defeated Kevin Harper

Josue Villion defeated Djibril Diakite

Richard Smith defeated Alberto Morgado

Kendo Anderson defeated Giovanni Penna

165-pound Open (Men)

Rolando Rowe defeated Giovanni Daley

Tyral Vance defeated Tyriece Stokes

Ulugbek Giyazov defeated Todd Barbarino

Famous Wilson defeated Michael Passade

John McDonagh defeated Kevin Anderson


Friday February 28: International Boxing & Fitness

165-pound Novice (male)

Peter Latorre defeated Steve Cohen

Anthony Abraham defeated Keston Harper

Volodymyr Teplov defeated Brenton Paisley

Joseph Kennedy defeated Austin Cassese

Han Lee defeated Jorge Perez

Victor Candelario defeated Michael Toro

Alex Baril defeated Jeminie Ramirez

141-pound Senior Novice (male)

Laurenz Santiago defeated Mark Buttafuoco

178-pound Open (male)

Orville Crooks defeated Gergo Savoly

Brett Pastore defeated John Harris III

Arben Markasheviq defeated Jallot Abdoulaye

Jawanza Taylor defeated Terrence Coleman


February 29: St. Anslems

178-pound Novice Male

Colin Clark defeated Jesus Ramirez Velazquez

James Gennari defeated Klaudio Sterkaj

Manuel Nunez defeated Alex James

Jihadu Brunner defeated Gerald Yanez

Sergio Ministro defeated Phil Murphy

Mory Kante defeated Duvall Hinds

152-pound Open Male

Sonny Waghorn defeated Christian Otero

Andrew Fret defeated Michael Gonzalez

Henry Clare defeated Juan Rodriguez

Zachary Blumberg defeated Jason Castanon

Jahqwon Humbert defeated Justin Travieso

Anthony Demonte defeated Marquez Rhodes


March 6: Holy Cross

132-pound Novice (Male)

Corey Jamison defeated Kevin Laureano

Koby Williams defeated Kidane Bennett

Egor Astakhov defeated John Quinones

David Reyes defeated Alex Velasco

201-pound Novice (Male)

Ross Glachman defeated Mathew Pagan

Aaron Curry defeated John Hughes

Jabari Baxter defeated Carl Smith

Abraham Muhammed defeated Marino Alfonseca

119-pound Novice (Female)

Kailani Andrade defeated Jessie Quiroz

Victoria Davila defeated Claire Prince

201+-pound Open (Male)

Pryce Taylor defeated Marc Merrit

Conja Nathan defeated Michael Cserenyi

Damian Knyba defeated Jonathan Velasquez