Tally No

Census 2000 was supposed to make up for a decade-old miscount of New York’s homeless. Instead, snafus and incompetence may deprive the city of billions.

Downward Mobility

No one disputes that people who can’t walk need wheelchairs. But neither the state nor their nursing homes will agree to provide them. So they squabble–while people lie stuck in their hospital beds.

Burned Out

The fire that killed a 13-year-old girl should have sent housing advocates marching on City Hall. But years of fighting for better code enforcement have left them weary, drained and mute.

The City Limits 20

Why worry about the privatization of government services when you can cash in? Introducing the City Limits Index Fund, a portfolio of the hottest companies in the bureaucracy biz.

Put to the Test

Immigrant students need to learn English. But by making them take Regents exams to graduate, the state is shortchanging some of the city’s most motivated students–and setting them up for failure.