2 thoughts on “NYS Prison Budget Climbs, Despite Fewer Inmates

  1. nice piece . Please read my new book. Anthony
    Papa is the manager of media and artists relations for the Drug Policy
    Alliance. He is the author of This Side of Freedom: Life after Lockdown.

  2. I don’t suppose the immense amounts of featherbedding has anything to do with this?
    Job sharing? As an example, one CO sharing his job with another, works 2 double shifts, has 4 to 5 days off and still receives full wages and benifits without physically working those hours.
    Imagine having off 5 days, getting vacation credits (and all the other benifits) and tacking on another week or two on top of that for a payed for vacation without performing any actual work. Sounds sweet. I won’t mention night shift not actually doing rounds because they know that the prisoners are in a particular place and do all the paperwork at the beginning of the shift without actually doing the actual round. Oops, just did.

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