3 thoughts on “Evictions Aren’t the Answer, Say Advocates, After Investigations Dept. Slams NYCHA

  1. Its a shameful cycle, evicting families for them to go to a shelter for then to be put on a waiting list to be placed again in public housing… There’s no remedy to that..

  2. So, the “19% of NYC murders happen in the projects” statistic is supposed to make us believe NYCHA buildings are dangerous places. And we are supposed to assume too that the murderers live in NYCHA, which may or may not be true.

    Then, DOI suggests that tenants either get evicted for something they didn’t do (because the 17 year-old hit-man is likely not the leaseholder) or they get relocated to another project (where, presumably, there are other, probably rival, gangs and murderers). Clearly this is not a viable solution.

    And all of this will be paid for by the City, while the City is also funding more and more “anti-eviction services” for tenants. This means NYC tax payers would end up to funding both sides of an unnecessary war against poor people.

  3. They need to continue to evict certain families, due to loud music playing, dirty apartments, smoking wee and rodents infested apartments. The people downstairs from where I live just moved in a few months ago. I can not sleep nor sit down in my living room due to the parties and the wee smoking that goes on inside the apartment. My mother which is in her late 70’s get’s headaches and has sleeping problems due to the music playing. I also have a 5 year old that suffer’s from asthma and is always coughing due to the smoke. I have complain to management , but they mentioned that they will be going to court soon. Management Claimed these hoods had lost their other apartment due to a fire in the same NYCHA building. Many people have also given complains about these inconsiderate individuals. NYCHA needs to gave apartment’s to decent hard working people who respect the fact that other’s wake up the morning to work and that really need apartment’s due to harsh and economical reasons.

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