5 thoughts on “City Considers Letting Access-a-Ride Vans Use Bus Lanes to Speed Up Trips for Riders with Disabilities

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  2. As a rider who uses the broker vehicles almost exclusively (I ride with a walker and don’t need the lift to enter a sedan or SUV) I don’t see the need to broaden the proposal to allow broker vehicles to use the bus lanes. Customers who use the AAR busses should be given every chance to get this passed as they are the ones most disadvantaged by the slowness of the AAR system. Broker vehicles are faster and smaller and have lots of advantages already, and adding them to this proposal only impedes progress for the people who really need it- wheelchair bound and otherwise mobility impaired customers who need the hydraulic lift.

    Additionally, it’s harder to enforce compliance for broker vehicles, which look like regular livery cars (because they are). It’s easier for enforcement to that the AAR busses belong there.

    Allow AAR busses to use the bus lanes first, and see how it goes. Just my two cents.

  3. Well they already let them drive like maniacs so I don’t see what the harm there will be of having them drive like maniacs in the bus lane.

  4. Pleeeease…Access-a-Ride???? That is the ‘worst nightmare’ you could go thru… The most ‘inefficient service possible’ in a city, that is Access’. =always-always-always= late to begin with. Then they are now using car-service vehicles/drivers. Always late= @ one time. I was @ 190 St in Washington Heights, awaiting a car to go home in Inwood. Well, the car that showed up, instead of taking me from 191st in Wash, Heights………………he went to pick up a passenger in 125st Stree in Harlem instead of taking me home first!!!!!

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