A portion of the city's zoning map.

How to Get a Zoning Variance

City zoning laws regulate what can and cannot be built on certain parcels of land. If zoning laws restrict your plans, it doesn't necessarily mean the end of your project. You can apply for a zoning variance.

An image from former Yankees manager Billy Martin's FBI file.

How to Use the Freedom of Information Law

City and state agencies are increasingly placing information that once required a FOIL request on their website. Before you initiative a formal FOIL request, you should prowl the agency's site to see what is there for the taking.

Most of the city's fleet already uses biodiesel, but some want  New York to embrace a mandate for public—and perhaps some private—vehicles.

New York City Eyeing Wider Use of Biodiesel

If you're in New York City as you read this, chances are you're being heated by oil that includes biodiesel. Soon, all city vehicles—and maybe private ones, too—might be mandated to use the same fuel.