A fan checks out the scoreboard at Fenway Park – site of the World Series game that will follow on the heels of tonight's debate featuring Bill de Blasio's Red Sox. The candidates will almost certainly make grinning reference to the game, though the joke will lose its edge faster than a hanging curveball if tried too often.

Score the Final Mayoral Debate at Home

A guide to the soundbites we're likely to hear, the backstories we need to know and the snacks, drinks and music we'll require to get through the third de Blasio-Lhota faceoff.

Stuyvesant High School is one of 20 well-regarded high schools that together produced more than half of the 10,500 graduates who in 2011 were deemed "college ready." The other half was split among 500 other schools.

Beyond Elites, College Readiness Is Low

In his annual address, Mayor Bloomberg touted increased college readiness in the city's high schools. But more than half the students deemed college ready attend New York's top-ranked facilities.