4 thoughts on “ZoneIn Video: A Tour of the Inwood Rezoning Area

  1. Sherman Creek area since it is fundamentally swamp ought to be a waterfront park. If hi-rise buildings are erected light and views will obstruct that whole end of Inwood.

  2. The video gives the impression that there is no alternative to the huge rezoning being proposed by the city, which favors market rate housing. We can get the benefits of affordable housing, etc., with a less drastic plan, as is being proposed by community groups.

  3. The rezoning of Inwood is very exciting. Cleaning up the waterfronts and making them accessible to current and new residents will improve the quality of life. Hopefully new buildings closer to the water arent constructed so high that they compromise natural light access. A ferry terminal would be a great asset in public transport concerns.

  4. I love how we use a market-based solution to a humanitarian issue. Housing is a fundamental right, the idea that 100% affordability would be considered unconstitutional is laughable, people are willing to test the constitutionality of gender equality, of tax policy, but when it comes to housing, we don’t want to ruffle that feather.This administration is a joke

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