Footage from Coney Island History Project director <a href="" target="_blank">Charles Denson</a> of Sandy hitting the Brooklyn coast.

Reporter's Notebook: Red Hook

Just minutes before we arrived, an elderly woman living on the second floor tumbled down the stairs, back first, after tripping over her cane while bringing groceries into her apartment.

The auctioneer looks for a buyer. Any sudden movement can be considered a bid.

Winners and Losers at a Car Auction

A 2000 BMW for $1,900. A 1993 Volvo for $150. When a city marshal auctions off seized autos, buyers take their chances, and the cars' former owners take their lumps.

Brooklyn&apos;s branch libraries offer a range of services for today&apos;s users, including free Internet access. But their core function—providing books—is still important to many users.

World's Greatest Novels—Not At Your Local Library?

A trip to six Brooklyn branch libraries in low-income neighborhoods found that many classic novels are not on the shelves. As budgets tighten and many readers go digital, do these missing titles represent A Brave New World or Darkness at Noon?