Human Rights in NYC’s African Communities: A Conversation

Jerome Greene Hall, Room 101

RSVP to Doreen Bermudez at or call (212) 416-0232 by February 15,2018. To request an assistive listening device, interpretation, or another accommodation, please email Anna Martinez at by February 12. Wheelchair accessible entrance on 435 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10027

Honour: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan

Winner of Best Solo Show in the 2016 Fringe NYC

Memoirs of Geisha meets Slumdog Millionaire in this vibrant award-winning stage show with original music, colors of India and a riveting mother-daughter tale told in the shadow of a Mumbai brothel. Referencing both the Mahabharata and contemporary Bollywood, experience this bold acted and danced protest to the contemporary sex trade and abuse of young women in India.

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Three Weddings and a Statement

Two people fall in love, decide to spend their lives together, find an officiant, stand under a Chuppah to take their vows — and then celebrate their joy. Except in Israel, it’s not that simple. You are cordially invited to a very special Triple Wedding; a celebration not only of love and commitment but of the equality of all Jews. In Temple Emanu-El’s historic sanctuary, prominent rabbis representing Judaism’s different movements will join in matrimony three Israeli couples who are deprived of the right to marry at home because they are either gay, not considered Jews according to Israel’s chief rabbinate, or because they reject the rabbinate’s rigid control over Jewish marriages and divorces. Join us to support them and the cause of religious freedom and equal rights in Israel.

Celebrate the Russian Revolution: “Down with All Tyrants!”

Honor the 100th anniversary of when workers first took state power by attending an evening of speakers, music and Russian food. Historian-activists will discuss the importance of the Soviet revolution and its meaning for today. Saturday, November 4. Program 7:00PM, $5.00 door donation. Dinner (with vegan options) 6:00PM, $10.00 donation.

One Hundred Years Later: Impressions

“One Hundred Years Later: Impressions; Russian Artists of America and the Century of Revolution.”
In association with LIC- Artists and “North Cross”, The Plaxall Gallery of LIC is hosting a centennial art exhibition and a cultural event to celebrate the anniversary of Russian Revolution 1917-2017:
“One Hundred Years later: Impressions”. Director Yuriy Sandulov presents 30 selected Russian artists from the former Soviet Bloc, currently living in America, who will display their personal visions and experiences with the Soviet system, including curator of the event, Elena Sarni, and creative director, Yelena Tylkina. The opening reception will be held at The Plaxall Gallery 5-25 46th Avenue, LIC (between Vernon Blvd. and 5th St.) on November 4, 2017 from 6-10 p.m. with distinguished guests and supporters: representatives from the Russian, Belarus, and Bulgarian Embassies of New York City. The event will be accompanied with theatrical performances, live music and refreshments.

Becoming Activist: Critical Literacy, Youth Organizing, and Social Justice

The CUNY School of Professional Studies presents Becoming Activist, an engaging online presentation about successful critical literacy and youth organizing taking place outside of traditional classroom spaces. Dr. Elizabeth Bishop will present lessons learned from her research with five young, self-described activists in New York City, demonstrating how the development of critical literacy skills plays a significant role in how young people experience and address experiences of injustice. Dr. Bishop is an educator, researcher, and youth advocate. She serves as Director of Curriculum and Outcomes Evaluation and Supervisor of Digital Leadership and Learning at Global Kids as well as Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Youth Studies Program at CUNY School of Professional Studies. Her first book “Becoming Activist: Critical Literacy and Youth Organizing” was released by Peter Lang in 2015 and her second book “Embodying Theory: Epistemology, Aesthetics and Resistance” will be out in 2018.

Clearwater Deck Tours in Yonkers

Step onboard the Hudson River’s tall ship for free deck tours on October 24th and 25th from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM at the Yonkers City Pier. Clearwater’s captain and crew will celebrate the autumn season with live music, deck tours, pumpkins, and river fish! Suitable for families and children of all ages.

More Than Medicine: Social Justice and Feminist Movements for Health

In a conversation about her book, More Than Medicine, historian Jennifer Nelson will focus on how feminists of the ‘70s through the ‘90s applied lessons of the New Left and Civil Rights movements to generate a women’s health movement. The new movement shifted from the struggle to revolutionize health care to the focus of ending sex discrimination and gender stereotypes perpetuated in mainstream medical contexts. With renewed attacks on access to health care, contraception, and abortion, Dr. Nelson will suggest ways histories of feminist and social justice activism might provide lessons for current struggles for reproductive freedom. Following her lecture, Nelson will be joined in conversation by Sarah Seidman, Puffin Foundation Curator of Social Activism at the Museum of the City of New York. “Who Controls Women’s Health?: A Century of Struggle” is a free, three-part talk series presented by The New York Academy of Medicine and the Museum of the City of New York that examines key battles over women’s ability to control their bodies, health choices, and fertility.

You Are Here – NYC: Art, Information, and Mapping

Pratt Manhattan Gallery presents You Are Here – NYC: Art, Information, and Mapping, an exhibition of New York City maps by a selection of contemporary artists, designers, and data analysts, showcasing a melding of information, visualization, and artistic endeavor. Using cartographic concepts, contributing artists and information designers will consider the place on the map where information visualization is an artistic endeavor, and where artworks convey information. The exhibition features three commissioned pieces by Christine Gedeon, Ekene Ijeoma, and Doug McCune, based on census information about immigrants in the city, as well as a range of existing artworks in multiple media forms.

You Are Here – NYC: Art, Information, and Mapping is guest-curated by Katharine Harmon, author of You Are Here: Personal Geography and Other Maps of the Imagination (2003), The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography (2010), and You Are Here–NYC: Mapping the Soul of the City (2016), with Jessie Braden, co-founder and director of Pratt Institute’s Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI). Monday–Saturday 11–6, Thursday until 8
Closed on federal holidays and between exhibitions