2 thoughts on “MTA’s Bus Overhaul Could be Lifeline for Healthcare Workers, Who Face City’s Longest Commutes

  1. The buses here in the Bronx that run on a regular schedule are horrible. My co-worker has to take the BX19 and then the BX 35 to get home (only about 2 miles away). Sometimes it can take her up to 2 hours! The wintertime is the worse. If there is one little fender bender anywhere in the Bronx traffic is everywhere! This all needs to change.

    • 2 hours! That’s awful. The local bus networks are a mess. Rumors are that the Bronx will receive an entirely new network with new routes where none now exist. Brooklyn to get new routes in southwest Brooklyn. Staten Island routes to be redesigned but low ridership and limited road capacity is the problem out there. Queens routes require the most study because Queens is so large.

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