2 thoughts on “Worries About Process, Long-Term Impact Greet NYCHA Deal

  1. Where is Preet? This deal seems shady. Who supervised the BID process?

    From the Lowdown.

    President of L&M Capoccia: “A judge has thrown out the lawsuit filed
    by misanthropic real estate developer Don Capoccia, in which he sued
    the residents of one of his buildings for complaining about his shoddy
    construction that resulted in leaking roofs and other structural
    deficiencies. “- Curbed NY. Co-ops have made similar complaints.
    Capoccia – Board member of the Real Estate Board NY PAC (along with
    Extel, Brookfield, Silverstein, and Rudin)….and the ironically named
    Rent Stabilization Assoc. (representing thousands of landlords), a big
    campaign donator: Cuomo to Bush to Giuliani…He has a long history
    here: bulldozed Esperanza Community Garden, built over the Mars

  2. Too bad Cumbo seems to only care about her reputation 30 years hence. And they ultimately should be blamed for it, the section 8 residents didn’t have anything to say about it. What good are these city council people if they don’t get a jump on these city agencies?

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