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Since February, we’ve followed the 2013 campaign mainly through interviews with people in and around a single block in Brownsville, at the corner of Blake Avenue and Powell Street on the edge of the Van Dyke I NYCHA development.

The idea wasn’t that the people working, living or just passing through that particular intersection were representative of the city. Or that visiting a neighborhood several times over several months would allow us to understand it in any essential way. Instead, we wanted to hear a little of what people in one somewhat forgotten piece of Brooklyn thought about the candidates, the campaign and the city.

Here’s what we found:

The Questions Brownsville Would Have Asked at the Debate
If they got the mic, people in and around the Van Dyke Houses would ask about guns, jobs and senior centers.

Last-Minute Choices on Primary Day in Brownsville
The latest installment in our Five Borough Ballot series visits a polling center in the Van Dyke Houses as residents—at least, some of them—cast their votes.

A Prayer for Peace at Campaign Stop in the Dead of Night
Bill Thompson stopped in Brownsville at 2 a.m. and diagnosed the violence that’s a top concern for local residents.

Voters Eyeing De Blasio, With Some Doubts
Interviews in Brownsville confirm what the polls say: Bill de Blasio is the candidate of the moment. But with delicate issues like race at play, voters wanted to know more before committing to him.

Mayor’s Race: Brownsville Voters Waiting, Watching, Wary
Many residents say they’ll vote, but won’t pick a candidate until September. They’re skeptical of promises, concerned about character and doubtful that identity politics will carry Primary Day.

Digging into Voter Disengagement in Brownsville
Many in the Brownsville housing project profess no interest in the mayoral race. But being disengaged from the election doesn’t mean they’re disengaged from debate about where New York is headed.

Carrion, Liu Vie for Votes in Brownsville
The audience knew what the candidates wanted. But what did the people of Van Dyke want in return?

What Brownsville Wants In A Mayor
So far, most residents haven’t found what they’re looking for—or even done much looking.

Top Issue in Brownsville: Fear of the Teens, Fear for the Teens
Ask people on Blake Avenue what’s their No. 1 campaign concern, and they’ll say “crime.” But their worry seems to be less about violence and more about whether young people are on the wrong track.

Brownsville: As ’13 Race Looms, Split Opinion on Bloomberg
In the first installment of our election-year series, a visit with the Bingo players at a senior center in Brownsville, where opinions on the mayor are all over the game board.

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