Podcast: Redlining, Racial Politics and the Way Forward in Trump’s America

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A redlining map of Brooklyn.

From Trayvon Martin and “The Case for Reparations” to Black Lives Matter and the presidential campaign, the United States has over the past few years witnessed a pretty frank discussion about race. Over recent months, Enterprise Community Foundation and City Limits have taken that conversation to a very local level: Looking at the manifold ways that redlining—the New Deal-era policy of denying housing finance to neighborhoods with a significant black, Latino or foreign-born presence—affects the city today.

After our Building Justice series published columns on wealth inequality, school segregation, fair housing, environmental racism and more, we gathered Judi Kende, New York Market Leader at Enterprise Community Partners; Colvin Grannum, president of the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation and April DeSimone, co-founder of Designing the We to talk about ways to address the lingering, everyday effects of an explicitly racist policy—especially in the looming era of President Trump. Here’s the conversation we had on Wednesday, November 23rd.

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