Comics Writer Scott Snyder To Appear At Barnes & Nobles, Union Square To Discuss And Sign Copies Of DC’s DARK NIGHTS: METAL Collected Edition

Join award-winning DC comic book writer, Scott Snyder (BATMAN, DARK NIGHTS: METAL, JUSTICE LEAGUE) at Barnes & Noble, Union Square for a discussion and fan signing on Saturday, June 16th from 7-9 pm EST. Moderated by THE NEW YORK TIMES senior editor George Gustines, Snyder will use the first hour to chat about all things METAL as well as other upcoming stories. He’ll also share details on the evolution of METAL and how the series ties into several new JUSTICE LEAGUE titles including JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY and TITANS. Batman has uncovered one of the lost mysteries of the universe…the dark corners of reality that have never been seen till now! The Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger—and the threats it contains are coming for the DC Universe!

Labor Talks: Author Sarah Kessler

The Workmen’s Circle, a progressive Jewish organization at the fore of the country’s labor movement for more than a century, will host Sarah Kessler, author of “Gigged: The Gig Economy, the End of the Job and the Future of Work,” as part of its ongoing Labor Talks series, on Thursday, June 14. The event is co-presented with The Sidney Hillman Foundation, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, Dissent Magazine, the Jewish Labor Committee, and the Jewish Solidarity Caucus of D.S.A.


Hello everyone,

The “FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS” event will have a signing of books, reading, and an Q&A. Importantly, I advise you to purchase your copy of the novel in advance because I will only have a limited amount with me. You can purchase it on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. Paperback, Hardcover or e-book. I hope to see you there.

The Moon, Indian Medicine, and Scientific Racism

What is the bibliography of racist ideas in the United States? How can a book-historical approach to the history of race in America help us to navigate the fraught landscape of race in the early 21st century? In 2013, Amherst College acquired a collection of 1,400 books by Native American authors that has expanded to over 2,500 items, nearly 200 of which were published before 1900. In this talk, Mike Kelly will explore ways that placing this collection in conversation with nineteenth-century publications about race and science can help us explore the bibliography of race in America. Mike Kelly is the Head of the Archives & Special Collections at Amherst College, where he oversees the school’s collection of more than 80,000 rare books along with a host of archival and manuscript collections.

Book Launch: A Breed Apart: Reflections of a Young Refugee by Miriam Hoffman

Playwright and World War II survivor, Miriam Hoffman, will celebrate the launch of her new book “A Breed Apart: Reflections of a Young Refugee,” with a short discussion and book signing at PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn. “A Breed Apart: Reflections of a Young Refugee” is an intellectual and emotional journey describing Hoffman’s experience as a young refugee girl growing up in a post-war DP (Displaced Person) refugee camp in Ulm, Germany, after the destruction of World War II. It’s an engaging non-fiction tale of war and survival, seen through the eyes of a young Miriam and her father. The memoir chronicles her ability to triumph through a five-year sojourn in a DP camp leading to her immigration to the Bronx. Hoffman’s personal tale captures the beauty and importance of keeping the Yiddish language and culture alive during the twentieth-century, despite countless attempts to destroy it.

The Sherlock Holmes of Non-Fiction Medical Writers

Medical diagnosis is detective work. In his book, The Family Who Couldn’t Sleep, D.T. Max unfolds a medical mystery of a noble Venetian family whose offspring suffered from fatal insomnia. Physician and New York Times columnist Lisa Sanders takes readers on a biweekly journey of medical investigation in the Diagnosis series, which inspired the hit T.V. series House MD. Academy Fellow Randi Hutter Epstein moderates a discussion with these two award-winning writers, exploring not only the mysteries behind diagnosis but the process of turning medical sleuthing into riveting narratives. About the Speakers

D.T. Max is a staff writer at The New Yorker.

The Legendary Team Behind Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race To Participate In Batman Day Fan Signing At Barnes & Noble Union Square

In celebration of Batman Day, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT: MASTER RACE co-writers Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello, along with artists Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson, will be participating in a fan Q&A and signing at Barnes & Noble at Union Square on September 23. A purchase of BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT: MASTER RACE is required to attend the signing and fans may bring two additional items from home for the team to sign. Wristbands for the signing will be given out on a first come, first serve basis, starting at 9 a.m. on September 23.