Jerome Avenue

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The Department of City Planning’s proposed rezoning of the Jerome Avenue corridor was approved by the City Council by a vote of 48-0 on March 22, 2018.



Jerome Avenue area

La salud pública es el enfoque del grupo de trabajo en la rezonificación de la avenida Jerome

Los residentes del Bronx tuvieron la oportunidad de compartir sus opiniones sobre las preocupaciones que deben abordarse para mejorar la salud general de los miembros de su comunidad.

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Jerome Avenue area

Public Health is Task Force Focus in Wake of Jerome Avenue Rezoning

The Jerome Avenue rezoning deal included the formation of a task force on local health issues. The public has been identifying its top concerns, some of which relate to the very development the rezoning is bringing.

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Which NYC Neighborhoods Face the Steepest Displacement Threat?

According to a new report, many of the neighborhoods that show signs of deep vulnerability are where a rezoning has occurred or is in the offing. Is new density the cause or the cure of that pressure?

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One Year After the Rezoning, Has Jerome Avenue Changed?

The de Blasio administration says it has started to deliver on promises of housing help, street improvements and business assistance. Tenant groups and business advocates, however, say their worries remain.

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