Video: State Senate Candidate Myrie Makes His Closing Argument

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Zellnor Myrie faces his first election on Thursday.

Zellnor Myrie told BRIC-TVs 112BK on Tuesday afternoon that the Urstadt Law giving the state control of the city’s rent laws can be repealed, that local action can create a safer environment for undocumented immigrants and that raising money is the worst part of politics.

He did not reveal whom he’s supporting in the races for governor, lieutenant governor or attorney general—insisting that he’s solely focused on his own race against Jesse Hamilton, a two-term incumbent who belonged to the Independent Democratic Conference.

Watch as we discuss how gentrification has affected the district, an idea to achieve climate consciousness and environmental justice and Myrie’s long-term plans. (Hamilton was scheduled to appear on Monday’s show but had to cancel.)

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