4 thoughts on “CityViews: Project Labor Agreements Will Lower Costs and Improve Results for NYCHA

  1. Great Article! This shows how governmental agencies and Unions are working together to save millions of dollars to the tax payer’s of this city.

  2. It’s about time that we realize the great benefits that all parties receive with PLA Agreements. In addition PLA’s provide good middle class jobs and training.
    The middle class is the foundation of the American Fabric that is extremely import to everyone !!!
    Support PLA project public and private
    Vote PLA

    • PLA’S do work and they save the tax payers money. on some NYCHA properties they use fly by night contractors that do bad work, and NYCHA pays them. after the work fails the Civil service skilled trades have to go back and do the work over. the same job has to be paid for twice out of the tax payers pocket, this is the way NYCHA does business. like the Governor stated the other day, for every 0ne dollar NYCHA spends they waste three dollars.

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