9 thoughts on “Many Unanswered Questions at Last Public Hearing for Jerome Avenue Rezoning

  1. I have lived in community board 4 for 40 years n many of my neighbors have been forced out by Mic increases n my son’s work 40 hours a week can’t afford to rent a studio n we r doubled up in a one br.like so many other family’s that are th fabric of these community’s the apts they plan are not for us n will increase property values that will raise rents n displace family’s as well as small businesses!!! Stop nothing for us with out us!! N what u do will determine whether or not u get to stay in office we r watching!!

  2. Workforce 1 can connect with programs that help men and women get a career in the building trades if they are interested.
    1. CWE
    2 Building Works
    3 Non Traditional Employment for women
    4. Helmets to hardhats

  3. The automotive businesses do not belong along Jerome Ave.

    Additionally, an influx of higher earning residents would be great for this area. And stalling the plan will not stop or significantly reduce an increase in the cost of housing.

  4. The auto businesses along Jerome ave have been my go to guys for flat tires, inspections, car washes..for many years. I always found 24/7 service there and most of all they are deeply affordable. They fill a need in the Bronx and neighboring communities. I, for one, will be affected by their displacement.
    The people who are investing in Real Estate in these low income areas have a total lack of respect and disregard for the working class poor people that patronize these businesses and they don’t care about the small business owners nor the people they employ. It is totally disgusting what is going on! And the worst part is that the city keeps telling us it is going to be a good thing! Wake up people! Look what happened to Williamsburg! East Harlem! Long Island City! Do you really want us to believe that the decimation of low income community in the Bronx (predominantly Latino) won’t happen?

  5. ^-The overwhelming vast majority of people living on and around Jerome Ave do not have a car. Few residents actually need one.

    Jerome Ave could be a vibrant mixed-use corridor lined with businesses and community amenities that people in the neighborhood could actually use. New housing could bring in some more socioeconomic variety to an overwhelmingly poor area. More options would provide less need to travel long distances. The area could actually look nice with public spaces and vibrant sidewalks.

    I get sick and tired of people driving on the sidewalk, parking in crosswalks/on the sidewalk, and carelessly flying in and of these disgusting garages. You’ve got people pushing strollers, seniors, and those with limited mobility taking a chance in the street with all the double parkers and unpredictable drivers. Disgusting pollution from the idling cars, oil spilled on the streets and down the drains (which ends up in the Harlem River eventually). The traffic offenders include the officers of the 44th precinct in that section. too.

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