2 thoughts on “CityViews: Act Now to Prevent Heat Deaths and Build a Greener Gowanus

  1. So in order to add 20 of vegetation to the neighborhood you propose new, taller houses with vines on the outside walls?? How about the innovative and forward thinking plan included a park or two? Oh right I forgot, the chance of that being taken into consideration – let alone happening – for the present (poor) residents is zero, without new developements for luxury houses (the fact that you only mention “affordable houses” without specifying it is only a tiny percentage of the proposed developement that would be assigned to affordable housing, already a sign you are painting smokey picture to forward a specific a agenda). What about the other important factors mentioned by the report? Like more efficient public transport, bike parking, stop signs, lighting and floods prevention? Are you saying that the implementation of that will come once new developements (AKA rich people) become part of the picture? Because as far as I know the commission that will ensure these developements are up to scratch in sustainability and green technology does not oversee MTA efficiency, city signage and street lightning. Who will be taking care of ensuring all that is implemented before giving the go ahead with construction? That I don’t know, and your article certainly does not tell me, but few things I know are, more houses usually amount to more traffic (thus more pollution), and more waste, no matter how green you will ensure the “infrastructure” is. And vines on the outside walls of luxury buildings are NOT gonna serve as cooling vegetation to folks in the projects!!

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