Video: Why the Brooklyn DA Race Really, Really Matters

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All elections have consequences. But of all the contests facing city voters this election year, the race for Brooklyn District Attorney–a job that essentially involves defining what law and order is in a borough of 2.6 million people–will give its winner greater power over the daily lives of a larger number of people than any post on the ballot other than mayor.

Because of the death of rookie DA Ken Thompson, a job that typically only changes hands now has its third occupant in four years: Acting DA Eric Gonzalez, who took over from Thompson less than three years after Thompson unseated long-time incumbent Charles Hynes in 2013. Depending on what happens in the September 12 primary that effectively determines the November 7 general election, another change in power could occur January 1 if one of Gonzalez’s rivals for the post beats him out for the permanent job.

But what is that job? How does it shape justice in the county of Kings? With assistance from City Limits, BRIC-TV’s Steve deSeve produced the report below to answer those questions.

For more on this race, read Ted Hamm’s articles on the race and the candidates’ positions on bail reform and the bail industry, and check out the WNYC/Gotham Gazette/City Limits voters’ guide below:


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