7 thoughts on “Tough Choices Face Bushwick as Rezoning Approaches

  1. No building with 20% to 30% below-market apartments can be profitable. So who is going to want to build them? No one.

          • You are assuming that only unions are building. That’s not the case. I own a non-union shop that pays union wages to my guys and we do fine in the affordable housing sector.
            Also, with subsidies developers are doing fine and could do more to keep local areas really affordable.

    • You said it. Politicians who never had to work or understand business should not be saying things like “MIH will create more low income housing” and “if we had MIH during that rezoning we would have X many more apartments”. It won’t, it would not have, you are foolish and wrong. Developers build buildings. Politicians don’t. If the politician creates an adverse market, the developer will go build in Gowanus, New Jersey, anywhere else. And what sort of buildings are we going to see? Ugly ones with crappy materials. Thanks guys!! Building fair market apartments, and building a lot of them, will end the housing crisis. Let them build whatever they want. And a lot of it. Imagine if in 5 or 10 years everyone had an apartment? There were too many apartments? Reynoso and his ilk play social conflict to stay in power. It’s like watching the same bad movie again and again. Reynoso is the special little snowflake saving us all from nothing while making $250,000 a year and wearing designer suits. Give us a break and give us some housing!

  2. I hate to say it but, our people in these communities (Bed -Stuy, Bushwick, Willamsburg & Greenpoint) when it was drug/crime infested had the opportunity to buy these buildings and vacant lots. Now its too late to try and keep it affordable. MONEY TALKS

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