Bushwick Councilmen Antonio Reynoso and Rafael Espinal are working with a steering committee to craft a neighborhood rezoning plan.



Bushwick Community Plan Calls for Changes in Zoning—and in the Process

The plan calls for the environmental review to include ‘alternate methods for predicting secondary displacement.’

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A Toolkit to Fight Displacement in NYC Neighborhoods, Other U.S. Cities

Advocates from Buffalo to Brownsville and the LES to LA are voicing concerns about displacement. One local group has compiled a menu of policies to fight it.

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Bushwick Plan’s Unveiling Nears Amid Tension Over Possible Rezoning

Two Councilmembers invited neighborhood stakeholders to draft a rezoning plan. But it could encounter the same misgivings that top-down plans have faced.

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City Launches Online Tracking Tool for Rezoning Commitments

There will be new tabs added to this tracker before the mayor is done, but it’s not easy to say how many.

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