5 thoughts on “10 Housing Policies to Watch Under President Trump

  1. If you think Trump and Carson are going to do ANY of the things outlined above you are delusional. Carson was put in at HUD to sign whatever is put in front of him by Trump and those really in charge. Congress holds the purse strings for HUD and now that Republicans have the most alt right majority in our history, this is their chance to eliminate HUD once and for all. The 2017 Transportation and Housing bill will be completely reworked and millions of dollars will be diverted from housing to transportation to fund Trump’s infrastructure programs. Trump and Carson are dead set against the AFFH rules (those will be eliminated completely) and I suspect any lawsuits currently filed against cities by HUD will be dropped. I would expect huge staff cuts and cuts in all services. Time limits and work requirements will be put into place as Trump and Carson work to sell any property the government owns, eliminate all housing programs, except for vets. The days of the LBJ’s great society are over.

    • You are absolutely correct Carson is going to be Trump’s fall guy the rich get richer and the middle class &poor get poorer this is sad and this country is the laughing stock right now smh embarrassing

  2. We as a family wont to know.will the new president completly cut out all HUD And section 8 programs all over the USA. And if that is true will there be no other programs therefore afterwords to take its place.or none available after that. what happens to all the poor and Elderly then.do they just go homeless.

  3. Instead of being negative about our current President Trump and HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, why not be positive? We need everyone to corporate from Developers?, to LandLords? and Government Programs, they need to corporate as well, many of them need to provide affordable units for families making low wages. Let’s give our current Administration the opportunity to turn some programs around without jumping to conclusion, because everything is possible. I and my husband came from making a very low wage to owning our own home, 3 bedrooms, 80×200 lot and 3 car garage.

    We owe no mortgage. It’s Possible. Let’s not think negative, but positive. Let’s think of solutions that will help people and not tear them down and crush them, one person can’t do it all or one Administration can’t turn around a mess overnight. So those who are struggling, pray and ask God to help you and He will. If you aren’t a Tither ( give God 10% every time you get paid). For example, if you make $100.oo dollars, give God $10.00, $300.00 dollars, give God $30.00 dollars and watch Him turn things around for you. He will bless you with a job making more money, and yes, the same scenario applies if you’re receiving unemployment funds, I was making $ 7.00 an hour at job and working 2 days a week and receiving unemployment income and paid my times. What happened next, the job offered me a salary. My salary keeps increasing.He did for me, He will do it for you. I don’t pay a mortgage and yes, I have the title deed paid in full in my possession today. FYI, my house was paid off years ago. I’m married with 2 children. Fyi, we lived off one income.
    My sister whose a single mom, lives in 2 bedroom apartment with her son, ex-husband pays rent, God bless her to attend Duke University fully paid online course ( 2nd degree).
    I hope this encourages someone, not to be negative, but positive. Don’t look to man to help you, but look to God. Stop looking to the Government, look to the # Great IAM, He will be whatever you need Him to be in your present circumstance. Malachi 3:9-10 You are under a curse. Because you are robbing God.Bring all the Tithes into the Storehouse (church) and prove me now herewith saith the Lord, if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing you won’t have room enough to receive it. Bible NIV.
    Checkout larryhuchministries.com also on youtube and Curtlandryministries .com also on youtube
    God will turn things around for you and Bless you exceedingly, abundantly above your wild imagination. HE IS A Good God, He wants to Bless You. Ask Him to come into your Heart, receive His Son (Jesus) and repent of your sins and tell God your sorry. He will help you live for Him. I was meaning to say all this, but needed to be said, because there’s so much negativity in the world and everybody is looking to one person to solve all their problems, instead of looking to God and praying for our President and HUD Secretary. Pray for them and pray for yourself.

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