5 thoughts on “Affordable Housing: How Low Can de Blasio Go?

  1. I don’t see too many gentrified or wealthy neighborhoods wanting anything with very low income apartments.

  2. It is great to see an article on ‘affordable housing’ honestly discuss the ongoing operating subsidy issue, but the fact remains that supplementing rents with federal or state funds still means that taxpayers are really paying the rent. Perhaps if we stopped using the euphemism ‘affordable’ and went back to saying ‘subsidized’ we could have more rational policy discussions.

  3. Affordable housing is not affordable to a couple who work 40 hours a week at minimum wage. I am thankful everyday for my rent stabilized unit. I live on a 4th floor walk up and will live there til I die. I got mine in 1989 when Koch started making “real” affordable housing.

  4. It is incredible how many people are venting against affordable AND subsidized housing in NYC when many of them are a paycheck away form being homeless themselves.Renting laws are becoming more and more irrelevant when deregulation is happening everyday and gentrified communities are pushing out tenants that have nowhere else to go, becoming a public policy issue. What is the outcome of this crisis? Are we going to become a city of wealthy and greedy residents and push out workers, tenants, disabled and seniors just because you don’t want your tax dollars to be used for that? Also generalizing about poor people being nuisances is truly discriminatory being that people of all backgrounds can be both great or terrible and in an unfair system nobody should be punished for being poor. New York; you disgust me. att. a strong housing advocate.

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