6 thoughts on “The Seven Worries of New York City’s Mitchell-Lama Tenants

  1. I’m wondering what’s going on with the Masaryk Towers 1-bedroom waiting list. While the 2-bedroom, studio and 3-bedroom lists are moving forward, the 1-bedroom list moves in reverse. At one point in 2016, someone posted in a forum that he was told that the 1-bedroom list was at #31. A few weeks later, another person posted that that she was told the 1-bedroom list is at #27, not #31. If you look on the the Mitchell Lama list that is posted online, it indicates that the 1-bedroom list is only at #17. The lottery for the 1-bedroom was held in 2014, so this is extremely slow movement. The office also has indicated that there is an internal list, which is being filled along with the lottery list. This seems like an impossible situation for those on the 1-bedroom lottery list because almost everyone approved for a studio is also eligible for a 1-bedroom. And if the studio shareholders have precedence over those on the 1-bedroom lottery list, then the 1-bedroom list is never going to move. It seems only fair that if a studio shareholder is offered a 1-bedroom before someone on the 1-bedroom list, then the next person on the 1-bedroom list should be offered a studio.

  2. I’m a long-time owner on St. James Pl., just a few blocks south of St. James Towers, and I will be at the vote to buy out of the Mitchell Lama program because I’m concerned about losing affordable housing, especially for senior citizens.

  3. Sunnyside manor in Yonkers show apartments in despicable conditions and sell them “as is”. However, when people move out, they have to pay for at least three month rent, because they do not try to sell your apartment. Also they charge for every little thing and reduce you investment by any amount they want. The hallways and garages are worse that housing apartments. The apartments have leaks, mold, asbestos and other problems. The rent is very high. I think is much better to buy your own apartment and sell it at a market price than to invest for 3 bedroom apartment about 20k and get a lot less than what you invested when you move out. WHAT A RIP OFF.

    • Exactly! I moved out of a State Mitchell Lama coop . Concourse Village. After Unit was sold 2 years later.. I was charged for new cabinets floors and thousands of dollars in bogus repairs, along with 3 months maintenance by default. The whole point of this program is to get a working person who is willing to give these fake co-ops $20,000 or more to purchase an apt in the projects and then when They move out … bogus repairs are claimed and the Board of Directors gets to steal the proceeds . If u want s Coop then buy a real Coop which you can sell to anyone you like

  4. I’m wondering why DHCR is resistant to shareholders exploring the conversions of Article 2 to Article 11? Why should residents who have paid off mortgages for 40 years not be entitled to a moderate increase in their equity. They have never received the 6% dividends that were promised to ML residents in over 50 years.
    It’s about time for ML residents to claim a return on their investment just like any other type of housing.

  5. Why does no one realize 2 Mitchell Llamas Dayton Beach Park & Dayton Towers living side by side are not being run the same? Dayton Beach Park has become a cesspool while Dayton Towers is thriving and a wonderful place to live. Complaints to HPD, DOI and elected politicians have landed on deaf ears. We no longer have security, one of our swimming pools have been ripped out, no open board meetings. Questionable elections,
    Harvesting of apartments and on & on. I have lived here 27 years and now realize I chose the wrong corporation to live in. We can not live in Dayton Towers because the lists are too long. Is anyone, anywhere going to do something?

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