7 thoughts on “Who’s Who in the Contested City Council Races

  1. You missed a whole district, CD 6, the Upper Wet Side. The incumbent, Helen Rosenthal, who won the primary four years ago with only 26% of the vote is being challenged by her last-time runner-up, Mel Wymore and me, Dr. Cary Goodman.

    I am a newcomer at age 66 to running for public office. However, I am the leader of an opposition movement of more than 4,000 people in the neighborhood who oppose the incumbent’s support for cutting down a public park and building a gigantic, fossil-fueled building.

    Many stories about this in the WSJ, Daily News, on NY1 and in community media.
    Happy to speak with City Limts about this.

    • Representative here from Mel Wymore’s campaign. As Cary rightly noted, Council Member Rosenthal is extraordinarily vulnerable and has not proven up to the job.

      Mel, who received the endorsement of the New York Times in 2013, raised enough to fully fund his 2017 campaign in less than two weeks and has tremendous grassroots support across the district.

      Furthermore, he is running a historic campaign as New York’s first transgender candidate for public office.

      His campaign is the most likely citywide to defeat a sitting incumbent, and the 6th District should indisputably be on your list.

  2. Why don’t you have the CD 1 race? The unpopular incumbent, Margaret Chin, has several challengers. It will be a well-followed race. I posted this question earlier today. It was not approved by the moderator. Why?

    • No vast conspiracy is afoot, Alan G. City Limits is a small operation and I moderate comments once a day.

      Right now we are focusing only on races for “open” seats. I’m sure other contests will materialize as the year goes on and we’ll be happy to cover them.

      • Day-old comments are like day-old news.

        As the Rolling Stones sang,
        “Who wants yesterday’s papers?
        Who wants yesterday’s news?
        Who wants yesterday’s papers?
        Nobody in the world.”

  3. Thank you for doing this. Do you have any information on District 32. From my research, Mr.
    Ulrich does have some candidates running against him.

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