East Harlem


The Department of City Planning’s proposed rezoning of East Harlem was approved by the City Council on November 30, 2017.



A Toolkit to Fight Displacement in NYC Neighborhoods, Other U.S. Cities

Advocates from Buffalo to Brownsville and the LES to LA are voicing concerns about displacement. One local group has compiled a menu of policies to fight it.

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City Moves to Get Nonprofits’ Help Keeping Landlords on Track

The Partners in Preservation program, first mentioned in the update to the mayor’s housing plan issued in November, expects to seek nonprofit bidders by year’s end.

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City Launches Online Tracking Tool for Rezoning Commitments

There will be new tabs added to this tracker before the mayor is done, but it’s not easy to say how many.

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City Must Tackle Barriers to Career-Track Jobs in Construction, Advocates Say

The De Blasio administration has expanded partnerships with unions and amped up construction safety requirements, but advocates say the city could go farther to ensure low income residents access real careers in the industry.

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