East Harlem

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The Department of City Planning’s proposed rezoning of East Harlem was approved by the City Council on November 30, 2017.



City Must Tackle Barriers to Career-Track Jobs in Construction, Advocates Say

The De Blasio administration has expanded partnerships with unions and amped up construction safety requirements, but advocates say the city could go farther to ensure low income residents access real careers in the industry.

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Call for Crackdown on ‘Rent Fraud’ in Rezoning Neighborhoods

Rent-stabilized tenants made a lot of policy wins last year, but advocates say there’s still more the state and city could do to fight rent overcharges in rent-stabilized apartments.

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Max & Murphy: Nonprofit Developer, Gowanus Advocate & Rezoning Dissenter Michelle de la Uz

Many of the defining policy storylines of today’s New York are, in one or more ways, on the plate of the Fifth Avenue Committee’s executive director, who is also on the City Planning Commission.

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4 Months After Rezoning, East Harlem Stakeholders Remain Vigilant

Some advocates are now focused on the plan’s implementation, some on making it better and others on suing the city.

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