Irish Central Biden

BRIC/Irish Central

A clip from Irish Central reflects their longstanding coverage of former VP Biden.

Before the COVID-19 crisis struck, journalists at City Limits and BRIC-TV set out to answer a question about the 2020 presidential election: How would the stories we pursue, and the questions we ask, be different if we reported for one of the many news outlets in the city that serves a particular nationality, language group or ethnic community? What do those journalists see as important to their audiences that the rest of us miss?

There is, of course, no one answer. It depends whom you talk to. But over the course of interviews with journalists who serve the Irish, Spanish-speaking and Chinese communities, we got a sense of the unique perspectives and particular framing those reporters—and the voters they inform—bring to the 2020 race.

Below is the first installment in our three-part series, Global Entry:

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