7 thoughts on “Queens Community Rallies Around Father of Two Told to Buy Plane Ticket for Deportation

  1. Thank you, Katie, for a thorough informative report on this important case. Many supporters will gather at the Federal Building in solidarity with Riaz, his family, and all immigrants this Monday at 9:00 A.M.

    • Hi Barbara,
      Do you happen to have more information about this gathering? I was thinking of starting a facebook group to coordinate and recruit more to show. Please reply asap if you see this!

    • No one has a problem with legal immigrants who followed the laws of the federal govern,net which by the way were developed long before president Donald Trump came into the White House. The main difference is we now have a leader that is enforcing said laws. If you’re a country without laws and without borders, you don’t have a country. Illegal aliens on the other hand who don’t apply ahead of time to be legal in the first place and just take it upon themselves to sneak in are now going to be held accountable for their actions.

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  3. i understand because i know radi he is my friend he was in the same class as me in 4th grade and he is a very good student . honestly I’m not a good student . but his father is working hard for them and needs to see how that hard work pays off . by if his sons become a doctor or something he needs to be there to support them.and he needs to support his sick wife who has cancer and is battling cancer . it was very hard to see radi cry it made my heart sink . and my eyes tear up .

  4. Senator Jose Peralta, whose district includes this community, chose not to work with his fellow Democrats toward passage of the New York Liberty Act and Dream Act. Instead, he and other members of the IDC made a deal that hands leadership positions to the Republicans. To distract voters from their sneaky move, they claimed to be assisting people through allocations to the Vera Institute. Certainly seems as if they aren’t helping this man or his family. Shame on Peralta and the IDC!

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