10 thoughts on “Running Against the Grain: Five Council Races on Non-Traditional Party Lines

  1. Why did you leave out District 40, where Brian Cunningham is challenging Mathieu Eugene on the Reform ticket. Eugene only won 41% of the vote in the primary –52% was split between Cunningham and another challenger, Pia Raymond. Cunningham could be competitive, especially since there is incredible opposition to Eugene in the district.

  2. Brian Cunningham is also running for City Council in District 40 in Brooklyn on the Reform Party line. He’s a Democrat & ran against incumbent Eugene in the primary, which Eugene won because the vote was split between Cunningham & Raymond.

    • The story notes that there are hundreds of candidates out there, so we omitted quite a few. We selected five candidates who reflect different approaches we’re seeing around the city.

  3. Please revise this article to include Brooklyn district 40 Brian Cunningham who is running against the incumbent on the reform party line. This is an important race for central Brooklyn considering that our district has some of the highest eviction rates in the city and rapid development. 60% voters voted for someone OTHER than the incumbent, Matthieu Eugene, in the primary.

  4. Hi Jarrett,

    I’m sure the comments regarding Brian Cunningham strike as the “why didn’t you write about my candidate” variety.

    But actually I think the objections stem from his recognition as one of the few if only third party council candidate with a possibility of succeeding in the general. His opponent Mathieu Eugene had the second lowest vote of an incumbent in the primaries and Cunningham had a very strong showing with expectations that he will pick up most of the votes for the other candidates opposing Eugene.

    Perhaps you’ll consider Cunningham him for a future story.

    And full disclosure, yes Brian is my candidate 🙂

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