2 thoughts on “Housing Pressures Drive Bids to Oust Flatbush Councilmember

  1. Hi. This was a great article. Thank you. I’m concerned though that our race in the 45th is NOT BEING COVERED at all. I am Lou Cespedes, Democratic candidate to City Council in the 45th District, and I am challenging Jumaane Williams.

    There has been no coverage in the press, no debates in our district, and a complete black-out by the Brooklyn Democratic Party of my candidacy. I have completely funded my own campaign, I am not a politician, but I am a working professional and home-owner in our district. I have a pro-business agenda, and a detailed plan for our district. Our district is failing by all metrics, and I intend to bring about a robust debate about our districts development and future.

    The exact same issues facing our northern neighbors in the 40th district are affecting us in the 45th. I would love the opportunity to speak about these issues, in particular housing. Jumaane Williams is the Chair of the Housing Committee on the City Council and he has not been held accountable for the decisions he’s made in the last 8 years. I would argue his lack of leadership is allowing the issues that plague Crown Heights and Lefferts cascade into our district.

    Our residents deserve to have an alternative, and sadly there has been no opportunity to engage the public in a meaningful dialogue.

    Thank you.

    Lou Cespedes

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