6 thoughts on “Jerome Ave. Rezoning Would Mean 3,000 New Apartments, City Says

  1. Has anybody figured out what all these new residents are going to do to the subway lines, school, water/sewer lines, etc?

    • Good questions. Those are what the environmental review, which this scoping document helps to structure, is supposed to assess.

      • No one seems to be even considering if all this new apartment construction, luxury and otherwise, all over the city can be handled by our infrastructure. Look at eastern Queens, the subway lines there were maxed out 30 years ago. And what about water/sewer capacity? Many of the city’s treatment plants are old, the two here on S.I. (Port Richmond and Oakwood) are about 60 years old. I’m sure the plants in the other 4 boroughs are even older.

        • Where do you propose we house new residents? Should we put up a sign and declare NYC closed? Or maybe stop building new units and let the bidding wars really begin?

          We must invest in our infrastructure, and it is happening, albeit slowly. We need to pick up the pace. Vote for political leaders that support infrastructure spending.

          Jerome Ave in particular would benefit from CBTC, the SAS, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, and SBS at E 163rd and other crosstown locations.

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