Steam-Cleaned Suit

When Browning Ferris Industries closed its South Bronx medical waste incinerator in June 1997, locals celebrated their victory. But the party may have been premature.

$600 Million Man

The mayor’s plan to put all welfare recipients to work might be the cornerstone of a national political run, but it’s going to cost New York City taxpayers an extra $600 million a year.

Sweep for Your Supper

Homeless shelter residents are being asked to work in their lodgings, some earning 63 cents an hour at janitorial jobs that prevent them from finding real work–or independence.

Not Quite Fed Up

This year’s budget yielded a $70 billion surplus, but only a few new dollars for New York City’s underfunded social service, education and environmental sectors.

Judge Dread

Evaluating the performance of nonprofits has become big business and evaluators have become big power players. Now it’s time to judge the judges.