One thought on “The Seven Worries of New York City’s Mitchell-Lama Tenants

  1. I’m wondering what’s going on with the Masaryk Towers 1-bedroom waiting list. While the 2-bedroom, studio and 3-bedroom lists are moving forward, the 1-bedroom list moves in reverse. At one point in 2016, someone posted in a forum that he was told that the 1-bedroom list was at #31. A few weeks later, another person posted that that she was told the 1-bedroom list is at #27, not #31. If you look on the the Mitchell Lama list that is posted online, it indicates that the 1-bedroom list is only at #17. The lottery for the 1-bedroom was held in 2014, so this is extremely slow movement. The office also has indicated that there is an internal list, which is being filled along with the lottery list. This seems like an impossible situation for those on the 1-bedroom lottery list because almost everyone approved for a studio is also eligible for a 1-bedroom. And if the studio shareholders have precedence over those on the 1-bedroom lottery list, then the 1-bedroom list is never going to move. It seems only fair that if a studio shareholder is offered a 1-bedroom before someone on the 1-bedroom list, then the next person on the 1-bedroom list should be offered a studio.

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