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The Downtown Far Rockaway rezoning was approved by City Council on September 7, 2017.



Rockaway Sees Traffic and Construction Impacts Amid Progress After Rezoning

Two years after a 20-block chunk of the peninsula was rezoned, the city can point to progress. And neighbors can point to some of the inconveniences it brings.

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De Blasio’s Sixth Year in Office Could Feature Three Neighborhood Rezonings

The mayor in 2015 set a goal of rezoning up to 15 neighborhoods in a drive to create more density and more affordable housing. Five rezonings have passed and at least three are likely to move forward in 2019.

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A Toolkit to Fight Displacement in NYC Neighborhoods, Other U.S. Cities

Advocates from Buffalo to Brownsville and the LES to LA are voicing concerns about displacement. One local group has compiled a menu of policies to fight it.

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First Signs of Progress After Far Rockaway Rezoning

The city’s announcement of a developer for one site and financing for the first phase of work at another encountered cautious optimism among neighborhood stakeholders.

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