Even in their deepest moments of crisis, people who are homeless in New York City have rights, from the principled (the right to practice one’s religion) to the practical (the right to a bathroom that’s cleaned twice a day). And when a government agency coordinates where you live, and nonprofit agencies manage the daily routine in that place, there are dozens of ways each day that decent living might depend on everyone knowing what those rights are.

The Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center, the Safety Net Activists, the Center for Urban Pedagogy and design studio 13 milliseconds this week released a pamphlet outlining the rights that homeless individuals and families have in New York City.

It covers everything from privacy to diet, voting to disabilities, public benefits to income savings; explains supportive housing and vouchers; talks about how to get a fair hearing and how to seek permanent affordable housing.

You can download a copy here.

3 thoughts on “A Guide to Your Rights in Homeless Shelters

  1. I live in Hawaii and on Maui at a homeless shelter. This place seems to get a kick to have power over they call ” the guest” lives. They kick out families with children instead of helping they are part of the homeless. The staff feel they have the power to change rules make up rules as they go along. The drug use of staff is off the chain. They are also selling drugs to the tenants. There is more

  2. I live in NYC ALL MY LIFE been with HRA since the age of 19 or so now I’m 32 & just two years ago life felt it was gonna be okay me finally finding a Apt and settling in,Happiest times of my life. BUT January 1 New Year’s Day 2020 my program been cut off no budget no program no insurance HRA. Cut me off even tho they are all I knew and actually saved my life. Now 3 months still in my apt rent haven’t been paid landlord sending letters & court is next. I have no one or know what to do. I can’t go outside due my anxiety of me losing the only thing I have and what use to bed my safe zone and due to other health issues. Top it off with Coronavirus now here in nyc. THE HRA CENTER ABOUT TO KILL ME THE SAME WAY they helped me :/ PLEASE SOME ONE REACH OUT

    • Due to the virus, all evictions activity is stopped for 90 days. That gives you 90 days to reach out to HRA and get some aid. Do not move out. Do not go to shelter. Call the Safety Net Activists. Get counseling by calling 311 through Thrive NYC. Use this time to get yourself better.

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