3 thoughts on “NYPD Anti-Terror Boss Says Domestic Threats Require New Legal Tools

  1. That’s why the NYPD won’t release any information about it’s lidar units – it might endanger cops who use them to catch speeders. After all, why would a defendant need to know if the units really work as claimed?

  2. The idea that white nationalist extremism is on the rise is essentially a falsehood. The “media” often rely upon the designations from groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center when searching for these mythical Nazis.

    • It is true that relying on SPLC is super shaky and that white-nationalist extremism itself might be no more or less popular than it once was. But I do think it’s fair to say that white nationalism is operating with a higher profile these days than 10 or 20 years ago — perhaps because technology makes it easier to have such a profile, or because their strategy has changed in light of political events. And while white nationalist violence has always occurred (although, it’s important to note that many white nationalists do not engage in violence), it is plausible that the threat of domestic terrorism from such groups has increased recently.

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