5 thoughts on “CityViews: NYC’s Youth March to Sound the Alarm on Climate Change

  1. So cool. We — The Seattle Youth Climate March Zero Hour — activists and their parents (that is me) are so proud and excited NYC is on board. The second greatest city in the world (NYC) after Seattle of course.

  2. It’s good that you want to help take care of the planet but you should concern yourself with things humans can actually do something about like pollution, the dumping of waste which effects the water supply and air supply not something that has been changing since the beginning of the planet. All this fuss about climate change is nothing and to be honest there is not 1 single thing you can do about the main driving force of our climate and that is the Sun.

    • The ongoing pollution of our atmosphere is a disgusting travesty. The only reason the fossil fuel corporations have gotten away with this level of pollution for this long is because the gas pollutant that is released when we burn fossil fuels is completely invisible. If we could all see it, if it was dark brown, everyone would be horrified. It is our patriotic duty as U.S. citizens to fight against those willing to degrade the healthy air and atmosphere for all U.S. citizens (and for the world, since U.S. pollution doesn’t stay in the U.S.) People think that because they can’t see the pollution it doesn’t exist. Sitting in a pot of water that is growing hotter and hotter and not fighting to turn off the burner so others don’t boil alive is not a moral stance. Americans have it in them to be heroic. I’ve had the honor of knowing true American heroes. I think we all have. American heroes fight any and all enemies who would destroy the health of their loved ones, the fertility and health of their lands, and the healthy future for their children, which includes a safe, God-given atmosphere. Every U.S. citizen deserves freedom from this man made pollution and from a much hotter, more dangerous future. Adults do not get to say “oops, whoops, sorry we have had a perfectly comfortable climate. But, Sorry because we refused to act to stop the pollution your time on this planet will be so much hotter and much less comfortable. there will be more superstorms, more wildfires, more people migrating from the south to northern countries because of the heat, because their crops can’t survive in the heat, more infectious disease, acidification of the ocean. So sorry.” (These are all increasing due to clime change.) Adults don’t get to say, “whoops, so sorry we destroyed the safer climate for you. We didn’t feel like transitioning to renewable energy. We decided transitioning was too much of a pain. Butterfingers.” Adults don’t get to bury their heads in the sand while their own children face a hotter more difficult future. THAT is not my America. Americans face and rise to challenges. We move forward. We aren’t afraid to learn and change and step toward a better future. We aren’t afraid to do what has to be done to protect the future for our children. Americans don’t give up. That is not who we are.

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