Video: WFP Members on Nixon Endorsement Reasons and Risks

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Yatziri Tovar, a member of Make the Road Action, one of the organizations that helped steer the WFP toward backing Cynthia Nixon.

The 2018 elections are months away but a lot of pieces are already moving around the game board. In the past couple weeks, we’ve seen a Republican who’d decided not to run for governor decide to run for governor, Andrew Cuomo go from saying he couldn’t broker peace between rival democratic factions to brokering peace between rival Democratic factions, and the Working Families Party endure some major defections as it made an early endorsement in the gubernatorial race.

Yatziri Tovar of Make the Road Action and Jonathan Westin from New York Communities for Change joined me on 112BK on Tuesday to discuss what the WFP has risked and hopes to gain by making this move.