6 thoughts on “CityViews: Affordable Housing Push Must Not Neglect Homeownership

  1. The best thing deBlasio could do for the NYC homeowner is to lower our property and water taxes. Then just leave us alone.

  2. 200,000 units over 10 years? That’s bullshit! There are 8 million people living in NYC. I’m seriously pissed off with investors, because most of them are not even from this country. I’m fighting back in my neighborhood. Everyone else should too.

    • I may not agree with you but how are you fighting back, and against what? Without investors how will anything get built?

      • We are fighting with the developers on our street. Just the other week, they had their guys up on our rooftop for who knows what. A ceiling lamp fell and broke in my apartment from them. It could have hit my dog or cat on the head and seriously hurt them. They have also blocked multiple parking spots illegally with no permit. The neighbors and I are not putting up with it and we have to report them and the other 5 construction sites on our block constantly. It’s not about how things will get built, it’s about how they are jacking up the prices and pushing NATIVE New Yorkers out. Are you happy about Chinese and Russian just buying up property to rip off Americans? I’m not.

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