What the Democrats Said About Immigration in Their 1st Debate

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Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown Los Angeles, California on May Day, 2006

Jonathan McIntosh

Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown Los Angeles, California on May Day, 2006

Immigration didn’t get a lot of airtime in Tuesday’s first Democratic debate of the 2016 season, but it did provoke an interesting exchange. Immigration courts, however, didn’t get mentioned; that’s another good reason for readers to //www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/10/13/the-oct-13-democratic-debate-who-said-what-and-what-it-means/” target=”_blank”>Washington Post‘s coverage of the

One thought on “What the Democrats Said About Immigration in Their 1st Debate

  1. If you voted
    for King Obama, then you could be at a crossroads in deciding on voting for a
    Democrat in 2016 and thereby will be adding $$ billions of more dollars to the
    huge $$19 trillion deficit, ($$10 Trillion applied to Obama) and all the welfare treats that they pass out
    to the 11 to 30 million illegal aliens and the disregard for growing needs of our Veterans. Then consider the ‘Freeloaders’ the spongers who have become a
    virus, to live off other peoples money. Obama’s government pays it all, without
    any restrictions or very rarely any inspections. Where does your tax dollars go, fraudulent
    child credits of the progeny of illegal aliens using stolen Social Security
    numbers from the deceased, our soldiers abroad or even the new born babies of
    American citizens.

    What do we
    get in return–NOTHING, because they never paid into the system whereas
    taxpayers have contributed since they first started work. There is a special
    name for these children ‘Anchor Babies’? What does that mean, their illegal parents
    smuggle or birth their offspring here, so they are unlikely to be deported. The
    cost is becoming unpredictable as it rises every year? Statistics are
    inaccurate because the federal, state and municipal governments hid it mostly
    from prying eyes. Where will it end under the Democrats, Liberals, the
    Republicans–NEVER–as it intentionally grows fainter and our immigration laws
    end up in the trash. Who are to blame the Cheap labor purveyor in the GOP and
    the Democrats more voters–illegal or lawful for there cause?

    I am no
    longer listening to the teleprompter career class in both parties, as the
    majority in both debates try to outshine each other. I am all for somebody who
    will turn America around. Donald Trumps billions of
    dollars doesn’t cause me to flinch, but his hard nosed, aggressive refusal in
    taking secret cash from big corporate donors or the mega money machine that
    influences United States politics does? He is a winner; rough in his speech,
    but directly to the point. Nothing hidden behind the masquerade of the
    Clinton’s, Bush or Bernie Sanders or those who strive for greater power. Hillary
    Clinton is unworthy to gain access to the highest office in the land; her
    monetary tactics must be approached with suspicion? A foundation taking foreign
    contributions and just as plausible with the money given to prospective
    candidates in the Presidential race, the donors all want something back in
    return. America frantically needs a neutral voice
    and that is Trump who cannot be touched by intimidation, money and inducement.

    With Jeb
    Bush and Hillary Clinton they will grant a pathway to citizenship through
    amnesty; free Obamcare and as Bernie Sanders has proclaimed free college
    education for everybody and that means illegal aliens. California Governor
    Jerry Brown, a reject from the early 60’s is issuing drivers licenses to
    illegal aliens and soon access to Obamacare when the Golden State has phenomenal deficits. He is
    preoccupied in granting foreigners that have violated the law, the same
    privileges as citizens. Another stealth
    design for that state is the Motor Voter law, as illegal aliens collect this
    state sponsored drivers license can register to vote? California, a Liberal state along with Oregon has a deliberate advocate
    tactic to get illegal aliens to vote.

    Think it
    does not effect other states–think again? Americans keep sitting on your hands
    and saying nothing. By not contacting your House Representative or Senate
    members and speaking out. Giving illegal aliens drivers licenses, attorney
    licenses and running for local committees will eventually lead to giving
    the vote
    and we will have a one party system, not indifferent to Russia, China where government controls your every
    move? Obama has already soiled our Constitution with overreach preferential
    treatment to criminal illegal aliens and has done zero to repealing Sanctuary City ordinances–completely in opposition
    to federal law. The outcome is the death of citizens by pariah illegal aliens whose activities
    remain intangible, until a unbiased media outlet publicized the slaughter, such
    as the killing in extreme Liberalized San Francisco.

    Instead of
    the pandering to the unknown numbers of illegal aliens squatting here, we
    should assign that money to welfare of our own people. To reiterate every state
    should have several asylums for the criminally insane. Lockups as the British
    penitentiary on the moors, an open region with marsh and quicksand, with one
    road in, and one road out as Broadmoor.
    Escape is impossible? Mentally
    disturbed people are to blame for the gun violence, not the guns? Criminals
    will always have access to guns and honest citizens need to be armed, to
    protect house and home.

    But in the
    debates I have heard hardly a word from all politicians about our suffering Vets?
    In the latest Democratic clown debate, they cannot escape the rationale that
    all three candidates of two Professional politicians and one Leninist
    ‘Outsider’ tend to pander to foreign nationals than our military. Trump does
    and he will build on the ailing service personnel of low numbers, with emphasis
    on recruitment, new aircraft, ships and heavy armaments the likes of what our
    enemies have never seen before–for our security at home and abroad? Trump will
    endeavor to make the Veterans Administration accountable for wrongdoing and a
    100 percent better concern, instead of the desperate need for charities to care
    for the maimed and disturbed from battle fatigue.

    This is why
    Donald Trumps–wall–from when the voters proclaiming him president? If its
    high enough we will see the tracks illegal aliens used like pack animals carrying
    packs of elicit drugs through fearful landowners property along the border
    vanishing. That the policing of the border will be much easier on a fast roadway
    by the US Border Patrol, and the infrequent aid of local police authority that will
    be much safer from the drug cartels and that regions in our OWN country will be
    accessible to US citizens once again. The incessant coverage by unmanned drones
    will immediately detect any movement along the wall, before whole groups of
    more poverty struggling across the concertina razor wire.

    younger illegal aliens will not find it so
    simple under the new immigration laws that were not supported by previous
    Presidents to find work. Trump will sign into law, through executive order if
    need be MANDATORY E-VERIFY. That not only cuts-off jobs, but imposes serious
    punishments for illegal aliens and the business owners who hire them. no jobs, they
    are on there way home, from whatever country?

    Two websites
    of interest: Judicial Watch and One America News Network. Pass this on.

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