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FYI: Governor Pataki signed a bill yesterday that expands a rent regulation program for low-income seniors by raising the qualifying income from $20,000 to $24,000. The Senior Citizens Rent Increase Exemption currently exempts about 45,000 seniors (age 62 and up) who live in rent stabilized apartments from annual rent increases. The program gives landlords tax credits to make up for the money they lose, and seniors can transfer their protection to new apartments when they move. Advocates have also tried and failed to expand the program to include people with disabilities. [8/22/03]

2 thoughts on “SENIOR RENT CONTROL

  1. I’m 64 years old, with disabilities, the senior apt I live in has no rent control, they have raised the rent $400.00 in 6 years, I cant not afford the live here any longer, Looking now for a affordable senior living please help, I’m have a section 8 voucher, Thank You: GT

  2. I’am 73 I live in an apt for retired seniors with no rent control. the rent increase as was suppose to be 5-10%. But we have low income they have been renting to & saying they do not take section 8. Most of us only have our SSI as income & low savings to help. this month some of us had a $75. increase not including water & trash. These other tenants are paying $125 – $400 a month for a one bedroom, others have to pay $1,140 & up. The wall paper is peeling off the walls, the plumbing is always a problem, most of us can’t use our garbage desposals as they back up & clog the pipes. limited parking came with the apt. but now we are being charged $25. a month. The carpet has never been changed, dogs pee on them. The trash shoots are not being steam cleaned anymore as it need to be replaced. Many have had to move as we are being out priced. But others are still paying the $125-$400 & we have no where to go, only very bad & unsafe areas. We need safe senior affordable living for real seniors over 65. What can we do, we are in our 70s, 80s, & 90s? We have been forgotten by the Presdent, please help us.

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