The Department of City Planning has begun a neighborhood study of Gowanus ahead of a possible rezoning.



A Toolkit to Fight Displacement in NYC Neighborhoods, Other U.S. Cities

Advocates from Buffalo to Brownsville and the LES to LA are voicing concerns about displacement. One local group has compiled a menu of policies to fight it.

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Gowanus is a Test of Whether NYC’s Best Attempt at Inclusive Planning Goes Far Enough

The city’s framework leaves big questions to answer, forces major issues off the table altogether, and triggers legitimate doubts about the unintended consequences of a rezoning. It also could be a genuine attempt to fashion the neighborhood everyone wants.

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City Launches Online Tracking Tool for Rezoning Commitments

There will be new tabs added to this tracker before the mayor is done, but it’s not easy to say how many.

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Industry, NYCHA and Flooding are Areas of Concern as Gowanus Moves Toward Rezoning

A long, multifaceted public-engagement process produced a planning framework with many positives and few surprises for neighborhood advocates. But two areas of concern remain.

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