The Department of City Planning has released a draft rezoning proposal.



City Projects Gowanus Rezoning Will Lead to 8,200 New Apartments

The housing projections revealed this week set up the Gowanus rezoning to be the largest apartment producer of all the de Blasio administration’s neighborhood plans.

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Heights of Potential Development Concern Some in Gowanus

Some residents fear potential 22-story towers on the Canal corridor. Planning officials say such buildings would be rare under the proposed rezoning but are part of the trade-off for getting lower heights immediately adjacent to the canal.

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Video: City’s Planners Pitch Gowanus Rezoning Plan

The Gowanus proposal grew out of—but does not entirely reflect—a community-based discussion about how the Brooklyn neighborhood should grow.

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Gowanus Open House Reveals Proposed Rezoning Faces Optimism, Opposition

‘They heard us for the most part but they did not get everything right. And that is what this part is about.’

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