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The de Blasio administration has withdrawn a proposal to rezone Flushing West, but some aspects of the plan might live on.



El plan de rezonificación de la ribera de Flushing pasa a la votación del concejo de la ciudad

Todo el concejo municipal debe votar sobre la solicitud de rezonificación privada del proyecto en Queens, lo que crearía un distrito especial de 29 acres con nueve nuevos edificios, incluyendo 1.725 apartamentos y otras instalaciones.

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What Opponents of the Flushing Waterfront Plan Say

A public hearing on the controversial Queens development proposal took place this week. Fans see a potential to connect isolated areas. Foes fear gentrification.

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Court Cases in Inwood and Flushing Test Mayor’s Power Over Development

An appeals court heard arguments over the annulled Inwood rezoning just days after activists sued over the approval process for the Flushing Waterfront plan.

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De Blasio’s Sixth Year in Office Could Feature Three Neighborhood Rezonings

The mayor in 2015 set a goal of rezoning up to 15 neighborhoods in a drive to create more density and more affordable housing. Five rezonings have passed and at least three are likely to move forward in 2019.

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