East New York

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By a 45-1 vote, the New York City Council in April 2016 approved a rezoning of a 190-block area of East New York and a 15-block area of neighboring Ocean Hill.



New York City’s Biggest ‘Food Swamps’

Scientists used to think ‘food deserts’ were linked to severe health risks, like obesity. But it turned out the existence of food swamps more accurately predicts obesity rates.

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UrbaNerd: East New York Tells its Own Story

An oral history project captures all the nuance and depth of a neighborhood that briefly moved in and then out of the media spotlight during the run up to its 2016 rezoning.

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East New Yorkers Set Forth Visions for Transit Hub Redevelopment

Residents want to ensure the development around Broadway Junction results in good jobs and amenities for local residents without exacerbating displacement.

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City Must Tackle Barriers to Career-Track Jobs in Construction, Advocates Say

The De Blasio administration has expanded partnerships with unions and amped up construction safety requirements, but advocates say the city could go farther to ensure low income residents access real careers in the industry.

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