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Community groups have been pressing the de Blasio administration to initiate a rezoning of both Chinatown and the Lower East Side based on their vision. In September 2016, the de Blasio administration announced it would launch a planning process that could lead to a rezoning of just Chinatown.



City Must Tackle Barriers to Career-Track Jobs in Construction, Advocates Say

The De Blasio administration has expanded partnerships with unions and amped up construction safety requirements, but advocates say the city could go farther to ensure low income residents access real careers in the industry.

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Call for Crackdown on ‘Rent Fraud’ in Rezoning Neighborhoods

Rent-stabilized tenants made a lot of policy wins last year, but advocates say there’s still more the state and city could do to fight rent overcharges in rent-stabilized apartments.

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Report: Amid Housing Crisis, NY Must Rethink How Land is Owned

Authors say that the nation’s current housing system fails communities and that political leaders must bring alternative models to scale.

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Manhattan Efforts to Stop Towers, Require Affordability Meet De Blasio Admin’s Caution

In multiple Manhattan neighborhoods, groups say they want to limit tall buildings while alsodrequiring affordable housing. The De Blasio administration doesn’t always agree on the details.

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