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Workers Unite Film Festival: Detroit Dog City and Pet Adoption

May 9, 2017

Workers Unite Film Festival presents an evening of film, and activism with screenings and discussions of:

Detroit Dog City When bankruptcy left Detroit with 78,000 deserted buildings new tennants quickly moved in, thousands of stray dogs known as “Detroit Specials” roam the streets and hideout in abandoned spaces. Meet Detroit Dog Rescue, a homegrown pack of friends and family fueled by a passion to clean up Detroit… one dog at a time. The DDR crew braves rough streets, dingy buildings and gnashing teeth to rescue former fight dogs, territorial mutts and fetching pups from the wreckage of Detroit’s economic collapse. (2015, 72 min)

And Then We Marched Director Lynne Sachs chronicles the Women’s March  from a new point of view, that of her young neighbor, who was attending her first ever political march and demonstration. The results remind us that you’re never too young to speak truth to power. (2017, 3 min)

Discussion with filmmakers to follow. Purchase your tickets today: www.workersunitefilmfestival.org

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