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Rewire Yourself For Lasting Love: Workshop for the Modern Woman

October 27, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Do you keep attracting the same type of men over and over?
Do you want to feel more love in your life?
Are you loved by others but just can’t feel it?
Do you struggle with being loving and kind to yourself?
Well, it’s not your fault – BLAME YOUR BELIEFS!

Our beliefs are what create our reality – and lead to the same patterns over and over in our life.

If you’re like most women, you may be holding on to outdated beliefs about the kind of love and relationship you deserve.

Why do beliefs matter?
Beliefs create a filter on what you filter in and out of your life – including what you ‘don’t see’. Beliefs can lead to thoughts of unworthiness, scarcity, self-criticism, people-pleasing – and the most painful of all – a loss in authenticity and power within dating and relationships.

Moreover, by believing in something, and collecting evidence on it, we can create an emotional pattern which actually wires our body for unhealthy relationships. “Neurons that fire together, wire together”. We then begin sending signals to the universe about the kind of love we subconsciously think or feel we deserve, but may not be healthy.

Throughout our life, we collect beliefs about our identity, values, experiences, our role as women, and what a healthy relationship looks like. Most of us have a subconscious mental model for what a relationship looks like from our parents!

It’s time to release these beliefs & patterns and upgrade to a higher vibration of a positive mindset… which will REWIRE you to attract healthy relationships!

Join Sarika Jain, relationship expert, and Viki Scudiery, energy healer, who will lead you in a REVOLUTIONARY, life-changing, step-by-step process of identifying and releasing your limiting beliefs, and stepping into a new, powerful relationship paradigm that’s authentic for you.

In this insightful, fun and intimate workshop you will discover…

+ 3 Mistakes that modern women make in love, and how to change them
+ The Secret to being Irresistible and manifesting your Soulmate
+ The #1 Reason for your limiting beliefs, and how it’s holding you back from True Love
+ A proven, 5-step process for releasing old beliefs and upgrading to a new ones
+ 4 Keys to rewiring your brain and heart to attract healthy, lasting relationships

You will walk out with a radiant heart and a brand new mindset on True, Lasting love!

Note: Refreshments will be served.


October 27, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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33 Irving Place 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10003

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