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3 popular traditional Indian arts for your home decor

April 19, 2018

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The popularity of Indian art is worldwide because of its beauty and elegance. Indian contemporary art styles which we get to see today have its origin during the period of cavemen. Indian painting styles are not only the presentation of the Indian lifestyle but also of artistic vision. It is made using simple and creative compositions. You can find the true essence of rich Indian cultural diversity in enchanting folk painting and traditional crafts.

Different styles of painting are popular in different parts of the country. Look at them minutely. You will find a true representation of tradition, culture, and ideologies passing from one generation to that of other. Some of the popular Indian traditional paintings include:

Madhubani Paintings: This art form is one of the highly celebrated styles in folk paintings of India. Known as Madhubani art this style is having its origin in the Mithila region in the Indian state of Bihar. This is a type of wall art and having 5 different styles. The styles include Bharni, Tantrik, Katchni, Godna, and Kohbar. The balance between color and simplicity made this Watercolor Painting style one of the most loved ones even today.

Kerala Murals: When we talk about the famous Kerala mural paintings we cannot forget the deep spiritual roots it is having. In this style use of Hindu mythology themes are made. Themes like Krishna and also various mystic forms of Lord Shiva and Shakti you can find. Mention of legendary heroes of the mythological periods can be visualized in this art form. This art form originated during the 7th and 8th century AD. It is popular for its excellent imagery, bold strokes, along with vivid colors. Popular colors which artists used in this style include Ochre red, bluish green, yellow ochre and white. Aside to this many other pure colors are applied in this painting.

Patachitra: Patachitra is another tradition painting from Odisha. This art is crafted on cloth scroll and completely dedicated towards mythological as well as religious themes. In, these types of painting use of Oil Painting on Canvas are preferred. Use of Bold and strong outlines along with vibrant colors like white, red, yellow and black is made in it. Decorative borders are the key element of this style. The style of presentation and the characteristics of patachitra style managed to cross the boundaries of the nation. It is now admired and loved by art lovers across the globe.

Do you have a special knack towards Indian art and painting? Do you want to decorate the interior with such traditional art? If yes, then you can look for the paintings provider of the industry. Such firms are having painting experts associated with them. The artists work with passion and can make both traditional and modern painting with absolute perfection. The ordered paintings are original work of the artists and completed timely. Some of the leading artists of the industry are associated with the top-notch painting firms. Quality and perfect work call for an expensive price. If you can afford it then such paintings are made for you.


April 19, 2018
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